How we make ourselves unhappy

By | December 6, 2015

How we make ourselves unhappy

This simple realisation came to me while I was listening to Dr David Hawkins lectures on youtubesunrise

Unhappiness arises when we compare our current state to an idealised state that arises in our mind as thought. In a split second, we grab the thought, made it ours, believed it and started being unhappy because things are the way they ‘should be’. lol.

For example, a thought arises that says, ‘why aren’t things a certain way?’.

In a split second, one’s ego claims ownership over the thought. The next moment, one starts to believe the thought and becomes unhappy, when it created the illusion of out nothing in the first place! (by claiming ownership of the thought)

Another example: A thought arises that ‘one is stupid’. One believes it, and starts crying over why one is so stupid. Funny, because one created the problem in the first place. But it happens so fast, and so sneakily that one doesn’t realise it.

A parallel can be drawn when someone in society says ‘we are stupid’. Depending on one’s self belief, one knows that is absolutely untrue and laughs it off.

If we can do this for negative judgement that comes from society, we can do the same for negative judgement that comes from our minds. One just needs to be alert and catch yourself in the act 🙂 Stay happy my friends! 

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