18 New Axitrader MT4 Symbols

By | December 21, 2016


Axitrader has introduced 18 new currency and commodity pairs to trade from

These include emerging market currency pairs including:

Malaysian Ringgit

Brazilian Real

Chilean Peso

Colombian Peso

Chinese Renminbi

Indonesian Rupiah

Indian Rupee

Korean Won

Phillippine Peso

Taiwan Dollar


Traders can take advantage of the Malaysian Ringgit slump, or position themselves with the falling Renminbi

Such instruments used to only be available to bank and institution traders


Other commodity symbols now include gold and sliver priced in:

Australian Dollar – XAUAUD, XAGAUD

Swiss Franc – XAUCHF, XAGCHF

Chinese Yuan – XAUCNY, XAGCNY


Japanese Yen – XAUJPY, XAGJPY

New Zealand Dollar –  XAUNZD, XAGNZD

Singapore Dollar – XAUSGD, XAGSGD


Axitrader is the only broker that offers Malaysian Ringgit and Gold and Sliver tradeable in SGD, AUD, etc

The advantage would come when you have a non-USD Axitrader account and you want to trade Gold. You no longer have to have exposure to USD when hold your Gold position over the few weeks or months

If you have an SGD account, you would just buy XAUSGD, vice versa for AUD, GBP, NZD denominated accounts

The exposure to USD can be substantial especially with the recent fed rate hike + trump inspired USD rally, where you would have been protected from a 6.5% loss purely from the USD appreciation if you had an SGD denominated account and were long Gold (XAUUSD)


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