A Tedx talk that inspired me: “Life is easy”

By | October 18, 2015

Jon Jandai is a farmer from northeast Thailand. When he was young, he worked the rice padi fields in his village for 2 months a year. One for harvesting, one for planting. The rest was free time.

Like many before him, he was told: “You are poor, you need to find success, you need to go to Bangkok”. Ignorant, he took the advice and moved to the city.

He found city life hard. He worked at least 8 hours a day and had barely enough to feed himself for 2 meals a day. Noodles, or Fried rice. He lived in a very small place where there were many others sharing. It was very hot.

He thought it must be because of his low education. He decided to enrol in university. Upon looking through the syllabus, he found the subjects taught to be mostly destructive. Architecture or Engineering meant more mountains leveled, more trees cut down to make way for modern marvels. Agriculture meant the poisoning of land with chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides).

Two years into university, he quit. He had enough. He moved back to his hometown, had no money, but decided to grow rice again. He had free time once again. Time to discover himself, take afternoon naps. He found what he was looking for was there all along.


Like him, I was ‘taught’ in a similar way. I grew up in a house where I was told to study hard, get a place in university, get a good job and earn lots of money. When life led me to work on organic farm in Finland halfway during my university days, I realised life could be easy. We had afternoon naps, worked 6 hour days, had space and played with the animals. Water was from the well, food was from the earth, and we had a surplus. It also motivated me to start Abundance Trading Group, as a place to share my knowledge, know only about Forex, but also combine it with my own snippets of life experiences that taught me a little ‘wisdom’. I have been blessed with a wonderful site and a small side income.

I am also reminded of the Zen saying: Before enlightenment, mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers. When seeking enlightenment, mountains are not mountains, rivers are not rivers. After enlightenment, mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers once again. You had it all along, there was no where to go, nothing to search for. You are already here.

Here is the video for you to enjoy!

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