Are you being mind controlled?

By | April 16, 2014


Are you being mind controlled?

Many of us are being unconsciously mind controlled. I was once like that too. Have you ever questioned whether life is about going to school, getting a job, getting married, starting a family, still working somemore, retire and wait to die? If you have, congratulations, you are on the first step to de-programming yourself from the mass mind control.

Ever since Dec 2012, (the supposed date of the end of the world), earth’s vibrations have been increasing steadily. I see a lot more free press, and posts about going back to nature, growing your own food, and posts that prove the many conspiracy theories that are out there correct.

There are 4 stages in de-programming yourself from the societal mind control machine:

  1. Unconsciously mind controlled
  2. Consciously mind controlled
  3. Consciously de-programming the mind control
  4. Unconsciously de-programming mind control

Unconsciously mind controlled

Most of us are here. If you never questioned why you today’s life process is to get a job, get married, start a family, retire and die, then you are here. There is nothing wrong with being here. I was once here. There is no superiority in moving to stage 2, 3 or 4. It is just a different life process.

Consciously mind controlled

You start to question the purpose of life. Am I supposed to work till I die? Is there all there is to life? Is life just about being ‘normal’ and a good member of society? Congratulations. To de-program yourself, you must first realise that you are being programmed. This is the first step to de-programming yourself

Consciously de-programming the mind control

You are aware that you have been mind controlled and taking daily effort to watch your mind, and watch your thoughts. You start to longer act ‘normal’ and some people think you are weird. You don’t care, because what others think about you has nothing to do with you. If you let other people’s thoughts affect you, then you will forever be under their control. 

Similarly, if you let society’s norms control you, then you will forever be under the shackles of society. But you need to see, the moment you stop giving a shit about what others say, you are free. This is freedom.

Stop living up to society’s expectations. Society always tells you you are not good enough. You need more money, more handbags, more cars, a bigger house. But STOP. Who says you need them? These needs were programmed into your mind through all those hours of watching television and listening to mainstream media (mind control machine). Television will tell lies to your vision. That’s all it does.

Once you tell yourself, “I am good enough”, you instantly lift a huge rock off your shoulder. No longer do you need to work so hard at the expense of your health, just to buy that big house, etc.

In fact, for me, I didn’t even know what was louis vuitton until I watched a TV show that emphasised on how ‘well regarded’ the brand is. 

Unconsciously de-programming the mind control

You no longer need to consciously take effort to prevent yourself from being mind controlled. You are instantly aware once someone is trying to mind control you, like the media, society, governments, etc. Congratulations, you are a role model for many.


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