The Birth of Money and Trade and its Effect on Nature

By | January 22, 2014

abundance of food

The Birth of Money and Trade and its Effect on Nature

If humans lived amongst the forest, and there was an abundance of food in the forest. We would just take what we needed left the rest for someone else, or for some other day when we are hungry again.

However, with the birth of capitalism, money and trade, after we have taken what we needed (food) from the forest, we continue to take some more, and we fight with others to snatch as much food as possible. Why? Because we can then sell them for money. You then use money to buy things, to show that you are more superior to other human beings.

Can you see how money changes the equation?

No wonder ‘experts’ say there is not enough food for the whole world. The truth is that there IS enough food for everyone if each of us consumes what we only need, and maybe a little more. But everyone is consuming so much excess, either by eating too much, or snatching as much as they can, to sell for money. You see the problem here is when money is placed into the equation, we do not stop taking the ‘forest food’ even after we are very full. We continue to take the food because the rest can be sold for money.

There is much wastage in this world. If there wasn’t, the term ‘dumpster diving’ would not have come about. If you do a google search on what is dumpster diving, you will be shocked to find out the amount of food a large chain supermarket (you know the ones I’m talking about, I’m not naming names for risk of getting sued) throws away simply because it is unsold. So they rather throw it away than feed the hungry. This is unnecessary wastage of edible food! And it came about because people took much more than what they needed and placed a price tag on it.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t use money, nor am I saying that money is evil or anything like that. Money is good because it makes things more efficient. I don’t have to grow my own crops or all of the food that I like. I can grow some and simply buy or trade the rest with my excess goods or with money. However, I’m trying to raise awareness about the subconscious effect money can have on people. (i.e. make you greedy, make you consume more than you need) Most people aren’t even aware that money is controlling them this way subconsciously.

2 thoughts on “The Birth of Money and Trade and its Effect on Nature

  1. sun85

    If I keep losing on my trading, is it because I am still let money control myself? How to avoid it?

    1. Linton

      Hmm, you need to focus on following your trading system and not care whether you win or lose. Because you completely trust that your system and analysis works.

      You need to plan your trades before you trade, because when you are trading, your mind will be swayed by emotions and will not be in the right state to analyse the market. So your mind can only follow the trading plan that you have planned out earlier before you entered the trade.


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