How Do Interest Rates Affect Exchange Rates?

How do interest rates affect exchange rates? In short, the higher the interest rate of a currency, the more likely it is to strengthen. Let’s explore why below. Higher Interest Rates Attract Foreign Capital When a country’s interest rates are higher compared to other countries, it tends to attract foreign capital. Investors seek higher returns… Read More »

Withdrawal experience with IC Markets and Paypal

In summary, this article talks about the cheapest way to withdraw via IC Markets (basically free) and my withdrawal experience with IC Markets using this cheapest method (PayPal). If you want to skip the details, scroll right to the bottom for the 2 cheapest ways to withdraw via IC Markets. Note: I have received messages… Read More »

What are the most popular forex brokers?

What are the most popular forex brokers? In summary, this article shares a clever way to determine the most popular forex brokers through the number of MT4 servers it has (you can check through Metatrader 4 mobile app), instead of searching for updated trading volume data, which is hard to find. You will also find… Read More »