How does it work?

How do our Forex rebates/commission discounts work? 

  • When you open an account with any of the Forex brokers on our homepage and make a trade, you receive a rebate, or a reduced commission rate (up to 22% discount)
  • Your spreads and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker.
  • The only difference is that as our client, your commissions are lower for each trade, and therefore you earn more per trade than opening an account directly with the broker.

See this guide for a more in-depth explanation of ‘Forex rebates’, or email us at [email protected]live chat via instant Facebook message.


You can still take advantage of the discounts and rebates if you have an existing account.

  • You need to email your broker to ask for your account number to be placed under Abundance Trading Group’s Introducing Broker (IB) Group. 
  • There are specific instructions on each of our broker’s pages; for example, our IC Markets page.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this commission discount/rebate service 100% legitimate?
    1. Yes, Abundance Trading Group is an introducing broker (IB) of all brokers listed on our website, and our role is to introduce new clients to them. We do this by giving you part of our referral fee directly through a commission discount.
  2. Is your service free?
    1. Absolutely. You do not pay a single cent, and you are not disadvantaged because we don’t mark up your spreads.
  3. Do you mark up my spreads?
    1. We will never do that. Honesty and Integrity are a big part of Abundance Trading Group, and we will not do anything to put our clients at a disadvantage. It would also be disadvantageous for us to do that because we would earn a bad reputation, and future clients would not come to us.
  4. How do I sign up for rebates or commission discounts? 
    1. Visit our homepage and select a broker from the list.
    2. Click on the link of your preferred broker and scroll to the section “Sign up instructions and existing accounts” to open a trading account.
    3. Contact us if you require support at [email protected] or live chat via instant Facebook message.
  5. If I sign up with you, will you have access to my trading account and trade information?
    1. No. Absolutely not. Only you have access to such information. We only receive compensation for referring you.
  6. Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?
    1. You will receive a commission discount/rebate no matter whether your trades are profitable or not. There is no disadvantage to you.