Forex brokers with best VPS bundles

By | October 20, 2014

Last updated on February 15th, 2023 at 10:21 pm

Forex brokers with best VPS bundles

This post has been updated on 8 Sep 2018 to reflect the latest VPS sponsorships available.

A few clients have asked me my opinion on the best VPS bundles that brokers offer. For those of you that do not know what a VPS is – read my detailed post about what is a VPS and which hosting companies do I recommend. In short, a VPS is a computer that you rent at a location very near your broker’s MT4 trading server to reduce latency. The VPS runs 24/7 so you can run your EAs and you won’t miss a trade.

From what I have researched, Global Prime offers the best VPS bundle, and IC Markets a close second. Here’s what they offer:

Global Prime VPS offerYou just need to trade 40 standard lots a month to get a top of the range Beeks Gold VPS (4 virtual CPU, 4 GB ram)

Now comparing FXPIG, you will need to trade 150 standard lots to get a Beeks Gold VPS.

FxPig VPS offer

Now let’s take a look at IC Markets. IC Markets requires a minimum volume of 15 lots per month in order to qualify for VPS sponsorship. IC Markets work with 3 reputable VPS companies,, CNS and Beeks. I am familiar with CNS and Beeks, as I am currently using both companies’ VPS.

IC Markets VPS offer

IC Markets will sponsor the following tiers of VPS for Commercial Network Services (CNS) and Beeks VPS:

15 lots – Elite Traders VPS / Beeks Bronze
30+ lots Hyper Trader’s VPS / Beeks Silver
100+ lots Beeks Gold
150+ lots Ultra Traders VPS

Best VPS for Forex

Commercial Network Services VPS plans and specifications

Beeks VPS plans

Finally looking at Axitrader, if you trade 20 lots or more a month, they will sponsor up to $35.12 of your VPS cost for CNS. For Beeks, there is 30% discount on the first month’s subscription and a complimentary additional 256MB of ram for your VPS. There is no minimum volume requirement for this. 


The Verdict

Here is a summary table comparing the various VPS sponsorship offers available. We find that Global Prime has the best VPS bundling offer out there, at just 40 lots traded per month, one is able to be sponsored a top of the range Beeks Gold VPS. 

IC Markets comes in at a close second as you can get a good VPS to run your EAs at 15 lots per month. We recommend you get the CNS Elite VPS for 15 lots per month as it has 2 virtual cores. Beeks bronze only has one.

You are also able to get a further $1.50 commission discount per lot traded on your Global Prime, Axitrader or IC Markets account. Find out how by visiting the following links on our website (Global Prime, Axitrader, IC Markets) or contact us at [email protected].

I hope this has been an informative comparison to help you find the best VPS sponsorship deals. Best of luck with your trading!

BrokerBeeks Bronze -£25Beeks Sliver – £45Beeks Gold – £80CNS Elite – $35CNS Hyper – $70CNS Ultra – $300
Global PrimeGP client discounted price  of £17Trade 20 lots/month – FreeGP client discounted price  of £32 Trade 30 lots/month – FreeGP client discounted price  of £56Trade 40 lots/month – FreeNoneNoneNone
FXPIGNoneNoneTrade 80 lots/ month – 50% discountTrade 150 lots/month – FreeNoneNoneNone
IC MarketsTrade 15 lots/month – FreeTrade 30+ lots/month – FreeTrade 150+ lots/month – FreeTrade 15 lots/month – FreeTrade 30+ lots/month – FreeTrade 150+ lots/month – Free
Axitrader30% discount for the first month and complimentary additional 256MB RAM. No minimum volume requiredTrade 20 lots/month and Axitrader will sponsor up to $35.12 of your CNS VPS cost

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