Forex Economic News Calendar

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Forex Economic News Calendar

  • Real-time economic news
  • Default timezone is GMT +8, but you can change it to your preferred timezone
  • You can also select economic news from more countries under ‘filters’ (top left corner)
  • Guide on how to trade news below


How to trade news?

  • In general, if the actual data is better than the expected data, the related currency pair will strengthen, vice versa
  • Only trade news of high importance (3 bulls)
  • Draw support & resistance lines before the news.
    • If price manages to breakout and close above the resistance line in the 5 minute chart AND
    • The price movement and data agree (i.e. currency strengthen and data is bullish) AND
    • Is not against the technical trend (either with-trend or ranging is acceptable) AND
    • There is sufficient space to the next support/resistance line, THEN
    • Enter in the direction of the breakout, with a take profit at the next support/resistance

Example, NFP 6 March 2015



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