How to fix corrupted history data in MT4

By | July 29, 2015

Last updated on July 31st, 2015 at 11:26 pm

How to fix corrupted history data in MT4 / How to fix gaps in MT4 data

A question about how to fix a corrupted history data file was posted in a facebook group I’m in and I’d like to share the solution to fellow MT4 users who may have encountered the same issue.

This person had a sudden error on this computer and it went into memory dump mode (blue screen)

He was forced to restart his computer and as a result of the sudden forced closing of his MT4, his history data files became corrupted. His indicator ended up looking like that:



 When it should originally look something like that:

Currency Strength Meter


The FIX (for corrupted history files, or gaps in MT4 data)

The fix is simple. Your MT4 data files is corrupted, or you have gaps in history data, so you need to get MT4 to redownload all the history again.

1. In MT4, go to File –> Open Data Folder

Fix 1

2. Rename your history folder to anything you like. This will cause MT4 to redownload all the history data again, because it cannot find the old history folder (which contains the corrupted data files)

Fix 2

3. Done!

Fix 4

Thank you 😉 Glad it helped.


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