Insurance and Bodyguards

By | September 24, 2014

This post is meant to convince you not to buy insurance or hire bodyguards. As you read on, you will find that both these things have similarities that leave you in a vulnerable position.

I was inspired to blog this after watching a video: “Why can’t David Icke be taken out?

David Icke is a famous conspiracy theorist who has made headlines with his predictions, which many of them are true. You can read more about him on his website, This man knows many secrets of the universe, which are simply truths that your government doesn’t want you to know, and hence, there is a keen interest for the ruling elite to take him out. They haven’t been able to do so.

In the video, he says he doesn’t hire bodyguards because the act of hiring a bodyguard is an acknowledgement to your subconscious mind that your life may be in danger, and you need to depend on a bodyguard to protect you. Therefore:

1. Telling your subconscious mind you are vulnerable to attack –> your subconscious proceeds to manifest this in your reality.

2. You now depend on an external being to protect you. Kinda like giving away your own power and relying on someone else – It can fail you.

Similarly, when buying insurance:

1. You are telling your subconscious that you may fall ill, or meet with an unfortunate event, and hence you need to buy insurance to ‘protect’ you. All you are doing is telling your subconscious to create the possibility of an unfortunate event in your life. 

2. You pay good money each month to sustain this insurance plan.

In fact, I wrote about this before in a blog post last year: “why you shouldn’t purchase high coverage health insurance“. I said that you shouldn’t buy high coverage health insurance that enables you to stay in a higher class ward in the hospital because you subconscious want to experience the higher class ward (just like a hotel), given that you have paid for it. Otherwise, why would you buy the insurance for it right?

I also said that applying the same logic, you shouldn’t even be buying health insurance because you are telling yourself that there is a possibility of an unfortunate incident happening.

Now, some of you will think…OK Linton, but we all know that a car accident or a plane crash can happen anytime to us right? Not true. For any accident to happen, it must first be manifested in the mind. For example, if you cut out all the newspaper cuttings of plane crashes over the past 10 years and constantly fear that it may happen to you, then there is a very high chance it will. This is because you have constantly imagined such a scenario for a long period of time, with such strong emotion. If you learn to use your mind correctly, you won’t need insurance. 

wealthIf instead you spent your time imagining great wealth and prosperity for you and your loved ones, and constantly kept at that positive image, with such strong emotion over the course of a few months, you can be sure great prosperity and wealth will come looking for you. 

Now some skeptics may say….Linton, cancer and heart disease is random and can occur to anyone! We need health insurance. Not true. Cancer and other diseases is the cause of prolonged fear, stress as well as eating foods that harm the body. Cancer is a disease of the mind and body. The same theory applies, if you keep worrying, be fearful and feel stressful over a period of 10 years, you are creating the perfect conditions for cancer to manifest, as you have been imagining it in your mind for 10 years!

no GMOWhat types of foods harm the body? White salt, white sugar, bleached flour, non-organic vegetables, sodas, pastries with sugar, GMO foods, water with flouride and chlorine. There is a whole section on this on the internet and you can go and explore the dangers of such foods.

It will be a very long blog post if I were to write in detail about the harmful effects of such foods, and what are the alternatives. The powers that be make such foods available to the public to keep our vibrations low, making us easier to control. 

I know it is not easy to accept all that I have just said. I was once in your shoes, so I understand how it feels to be on the other side. My advice is to start practicing meditation. It will help you to quiet your mind, so that negative thoughts are not bombarding your mind all the time and positive thoughts can take their place.

If you have trouble starting to meditate, I suggest you watch the youtube videos of Ralph Smart (below). He talks about the same things as I do, and he takes it into greater detail.Ralph Smart

Best wishes to all of your. May whatever you are seeking also seek you.


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