Jackfruit Harvesting

By | February 21, 2014

(24 Feb 2014) Correction: I have since found out the fruit is called Cempedak, not Jackfruit. It is slightly smaller than a Jackfruit, yet much sweeter and more chewy. Cempedak is a Malay word. There is no English name for this fruit. Its scientific name is Artocarpus integer

It has been awhile since I first wanted to harvest fruits on my own and finally I did it today. My mom has been telling me why go through the trouble of harvesting when you can buy it cheaply. True, but the feeling of eating a harvested fruit is very different from something that you bought. She nodded in agreement.

So today I went to Daiso, and bought myself a sickle with a 10 cm long handle and a 2.1 metre long gardening pole to attach it. Total cost = $2 each ($4)

Jackfruit Harvesting

Sickle with 10cm long handle for $2

Jackfruit Harvesting

2.1 meter long gardening pole to attach the sickle

Next, the two items are attached using simple black tape. 

Jackfruit Harvesting

Sickle and Pole attached using black tape

After multiple attempts at trying to cut the fruit off the tree, Success! I was surprised to see something similar to rubber tree sap, or latex. It’s a sticky white substance like glue. You can see it in the pictures below. Organic Jackfruit = Success!

Jackfruit Harvesting

Fruits of Harvest


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