Leukemia, cancer and humans

By | January 28, 2015

We are separate and yet not separate

Recently, I’ve been inspired to draw a similarities between Humans, Leukemia and Cancer. In modern society, we tend to see ourselves as separate from our environment. There is truth in this. For example, a white blood cell is not the same as a red blood cell, or a muscle cell, and so in that sense it can been seen as separate.  

However, we all know Togetherthat the white blood cell, red blood cell and all other cells come together to form one giant organism called the human body. In this sense, they are one. Humans can also see ourselves part of the ecosystem around us. We may be separate from the birds and trees, but like the red blood cells and white blood cells and body cells, we cannot survive without each other. In this sense, we are one with the surrounding ecosystem.

The link to Cancer & Leukemia

When someone has cancer,image001 the cancer cells within the body direct all the nutrients to the cancer cells, causing the whole body to starve of nutrients. As a result, the body dies, including the cancer cells.

When someone has leukemia, there is too much white blood cells, and they start to attack the body’s own healthy cells, slowly destroying the body from the inside. As a result, everyone dies.

When human beings think of themselves as ‘above’ other organisms, and start to direct all the natural resources to themselves; When human beings think of themselves as ‘above’ other organisms (including other human beings) and start to kill them, or climb above them, or dominate them; 

I haven’t wrote the conclusion yet, but I’m sure you can guess what will happen if we continue to dominate others, and see ourselves as separate.

There is no need for authority

The magical thing about our universe, is that it doesn’t need a boss. Look at your own body. Who is the boss? Is it your brain? It can’t be, because if it is, then can you control your heartbeat? Do you control digestion? Do you know exactly how you move your fingers? It just happens. And your body functions in perfect harmony, each cell knowing exactly what to do, without a ‘boss’.

Maybe that is the future of our world. No authority. Harmony and balance.


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