One Trade at a Time

By | February 2, 2014

“Focus on the present and the future will sort itself out. One thing at a time. Let us give our best to this very moment – now”

I would like to share this post by a fellow Singaporean trader. I feel it is extremely insightful. The original concept of ‘One Trade At A Time” came from this man’s golfing experience but he has applied it to trading. Sometimes, many of us, including myself are not focused in the present moment and this will serve as a good reminder for us to come back.

Credits to Peter Lim

One Trade at a Time

“Let me share with you from the angle of a professional golfer which had similar profile as a FX Trader. Both of us have to make good decision in our trade. I hold a professional golfer license and was taught to complete the 4 days 72 holes golf tournament and win. The official golf tournament consists of 4 days with 2 days qualify round and another 2 days championship ranking. Each day we have to complete 18holes round of 72 strokes par. In order to win we have to play under par every day. The amount of concentration just to play even par (72 out of 72) is monster task and the amount of pressure one had to go thru was enormous. I was mentor by my Thai Coach Pro Chewlawat (National Coach of Thailand 1985 to 1995) to play “ONE SHOT AT A TIME”. Initially I don’t understand what he means but my experience grew and I eventually won my first golf championship as a professional golfer in 1990. 

My coach mentored me with this concept, to win all you need to do is put all your focus all that one single shot and it will take care of the next shot and the score of each hole and finally the result of 18 holes. The result of one 18 holes game will start to escalate to the next best 18holes games and 3rd and finally the 4th game and towards your championship. Learn how to take every shot as the last shot and don’t let one bad shot hold you back. 

If you relate to FX Trading, is like doing one quality trade at a time until you growth your $100 to $200 to $400 and $800 exponentially. You simply cannot force richness to happen overnight, you have to build your emotion muscle to handle your greed and expectation”.

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