Seung Sahn Dropping Ashes on the Buddha

By | June 5, 2015

Seung Sahn Dropping Ashes on the BuddhaDropping ashes on the buddha

Any one reads this book? It is a hard read, zen book. Plenty of patience is needed, not just for trying to understand it, but rather waiting for the understanding to come.

The zen book emphasizes on the “Before thinking” mind. That is, no good, no bad, no question, no statement. No judgement.

I quote: “Original nature has no opposites. Speech and words are not necessary. Without thinking, all things are exactly as they are. The truth is just like this.”

“The Heart Sutra says, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” This means, “no form, no emptiness.” But the true meaning of “no form, no emptiness” is, “form is form, emptiness
is emptiness.” 

If you are thinking, you won’t understand these words. If you are not thinking, “just like this” is Buddha-nature. What is Buddha-nature? Deep in the mountains, the great temple bell is struck. The truth is just like this.”

I had a tough time understand what is the “before thinking mind”. I mean I understood its literal meaning, which means to not judge, to not think. But today during meditation, a flash of understanding came to me. It goes like this:

“Question: Why is the sky blue? (question)

Response: Why is the sky blue (statement)

If you do not answer the question, you do not judge the question to be a question, you do not give meaning to it to be a question. You become the watcher, you arrived at the before thinking mind.

And apparently this flash of inspiration comes and goes…I’ve been trying to get back to that state of mind ever since…the meditation 30mins ago…Ok back to trading.

Oh and by the way, if you would like to read the book, just ask me for the e-book version

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