Squeeze Break MT4 indicator

The squeeze break indicator is a range and trend filter. It is meant for the Metatrader 4 platform (MT4). Red means range, Green means trend. The indicator itself does not tell which direction the trend is moving, hence it comes with a 12 period (default) momentum indicator to tell which direction the market is trending.

What is inside the indicator?

The indicator comprises of a bollinger band and keltner channel. When the bollinger band is within the keltner channel, the indicator shows red, which means the market is ranging. When the bollinger band is outside the keltner channel, it prints green and shows that the market is trending.

How do I use it?

I suggest using it to filter trending and ranging markets. 

Trend = use trend strategies (moving average cross, etc)

Range = use range strategies (stochastics, oscillators)

Here’s a screenshot of it in action:

Squeeze Break Indicator

Download it: Squeeze Break indicator


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6 thoughts on “Squeeze Break MT4 indicator

  1. Honey

    Hello Linton , Thanks for providing this awesome indicator, This is really helpful. I h am using this indicator on Us30, Nasdaq with ease and it is also giving breakout signals perfectly but when i use this indicator in Indian stock Market index i.e NIFTY 50 and BANKNIFTY the indicator does not provide breakout signals pop up whereas in Us30 and nasdaq it is gibing thorough signals. Please can you help me resolve this issue. Regards


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