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What is my MT4 time zone?

What is my MT4 time zone? Wondered what time those candles on your MT4 charts refer to? We explain how to find your MT4 time zone, and why is it usually GMT +3 (GMT+2 during non-daylight savings) How to find your MT4 platform time? Press Ctrl+M to open up ‘Market Watch’ Your broker’s time is… Read More »

Proof of positive slippage

Proof of positive slippage Just had a trade with positive slippage of over 10 pips with the brokers on our website. While uncommon, it certainly rekindles my faith in these brokers. Axitrader Global Prime FxOpen AU Sensus Capital Markets Best to your trading, Linton ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–  

Forex brokers with best VPS bundles

Forex brokers with best VPS bundles This post has been updated on 8 Sep 2018 to reflect the latest VPS sponsorships available. A few clients have asked me my opinion on the best VPS bundles that brokers offer. For those of you that do not know what a VPS is – read my detailed post… Read More »