In the total focus of the mind, you will find peace and joy

By | January 2, 2014

Read Simona’s article about Meditation in Action and found it to be relevant to me. When I am totally focused on one thing, or totally ‘mindful’, nothing else matters. My mind becomes at peace. 

As she says, initially, the mind will try to say, “look, there is no time. You cannot take your time(being mindful) to do this”. Ignore it, and you will become the thing you are focused on. You will become one. According to simona, such an experience will expand your perception and your awareness will become razor sharp. Your awareness will be expanded.

In another article, she explains that when you make friends with your inner self, you naturally become detatched from others, and this physical reality. Whenever you feel drained, it is a sign that you have become too attached to this physical reality, and it is time to take a step back, and be mindful and focused on your task at hand.

You can even be mindful at basic things like walking. 

Here is a how to do a walking meditation video:

These are Simona’s two articles:

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