Plants have twins

By | April 20, 2014


Twin Lemon Plants

All along, I’ve been interested in gardening. Just 15 days ago, I planted a lemon seed, and today I walked into the garden surprised to see two shoots. Initially, I thought I planted two seeds together. I dug both up because it is not good if two seeds are planted too close together. The growth of both plants will be hindered and both have an increased chance of dying.

Upon digging the plant up, lo and behold, I was surprised to see one seed and two shoots. Amazing! This is my first time encountering twins in plants.

Has one any had similar experiences when growing plants?

Here’s an update to how they are doing 1 month later!


3 thoughts on “Plants have twins

  1. Andrew

    Hey Linton 🙂

    How are you mate? I was going to get in touch with you in regards to your thoughts on coding an EA for entry signals, and would you believe I’ve just been in the garden re-potting a lemon tree?

    Forex & Lemon Trees, who would have thought eh?

    1. Linton Post author

      Heh. Forex and Lemon trees is a good combination. I feel the world is getting more spiritual and going back to nature I feel, so anything with nature works 😉

      I hope you are well Andrew. With regards to coding an EA for entry signals, I can try my best to help you out there (I’m an amateur coder). Drop me an email and we’ll continue from there?

      PS: I’ll post an update on how my lemon plants are doing this week. It has been about a month since I planted them. One almost went dead and came back to life! Amazing!

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