Update on my Lemon twin plants

By | May 29, 2014

Update on Twin Lemon Plants

About a month ago, I posted here that the lemon plant I planted actually had twins growing out from the same seed! Here is the picture of these twin plants.

lemon plant twin

They’ve grown a lot in a month, so here’s an update to how they are doing. 


Here’s what happened. Within 5 days of the ‘Plants have twins‘ post I made, both plants started to wither and die. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing they don’t like being taken out of the soil. The light brown leaves in the picture above is evidence of the plants dying. 

However, on the 7th day, I woke up and saw in amazement that although one twin was dying, the other somehow came back to life and were growing new green leaves within the same light brown dying leaves  You can see this annotated in the picture above.

I think we can learn an important lesson from this.

  • Nature is always life-ward – The lemon plant, despite it dying, is always oriented towards growth and life. It eventually finds a way to grow and make progress life-wards. As humans, even in tough situations and calamities, instead of wallowing in self pity, should stand up, change your attitude to become life-ward, and growth-ward and oriented towards success, and because this entire universe is life-ward and orientated towards growth, it is simply impossible not to succeed because the whole universe is behind you. 


Oh, there is another bonus! Recently it has been rainy and the soil has been quite damp. Look who came to say hello! Our new friend in the garden – Mr Mushroom. Super Mario would be delighted 🙂


I wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous week ahead!


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