We have begun!

By | October 29, 2013

Finally, the site is up! I’ve been busy doing the write ups for my experiences with CNS (commercial network services) and Beeksfx, as well as making sure the layout is as user friendly as possible.

MANY MANY revisions have been done… (you have NO IDEA). I will be doing a write up on Axi and updating the IC markets page again (yes I am quite the perfectionist). Just got the IB link from Russell (my Axi account manager) yesterday morning. I hope to make the site as personal as possible!

My old blog is here, and I decided to restart since I bought a new domain and wanted this site to be more organised and more professional looking. My old blog has a lot of trading systems (like the floor trader method) Singapore stock picks, and other trading related material. I also wrote a lot about alternative healing, power of the subconscious mind, and other less orthodox things.

More to come!

Update 8 Nov 2013: Ok Axitrader $1.50 rebates page is up! Link here!

Good trading to all!

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