Why you shouldn’t purchase high coverage health insurance plans in Singapore

By | November 15, 2013

Right now, I’m doing a research project on health insurance (I’m in my final year at a university in Singapore) and I was hit with some realisations.

We shouldn’t purchase health insurance that entitles us to stay at higher class wards. In Singapore, our hospitals have different class wards, from A to C, with class A having the highest levels of privacy, private bathroom, air conditioned, while class C has the lowest ‘comfort’ standards, having no air conditioning, and 8 beds to a class C ward.

Here’s a table of the available health insurance plans of the top 5 insurers in Singapore (NTUC, AIA, Aviva, Prudential, Great Eastern) and their hospital class stay benefits:

Health Insurance Plans Singapore

Health Insurance Plans Singapore

Why shouldn’t we purchase more expensive insurance coverage to enable us to stay in higher class wards? My theory is that if you do so, chances are you’ll prolong your illness just to enjoy the ‘benefits’. Wait…I know this is radical. Hear me out. Only when we are ill in our society today, then can we have rest. Only when we are ill, then we can have attention. Isn’t that so? When we are ill, only then we can get a medical certificate to that entitles us to rest. When we are ill, we tend to receive more attention from our loved ones. This has been a rarely questioned belief in today’s world! Why should it be this way? Shouldn’t we give abundant love only when a person is well, not when he is ill, so that he will desire to remain well?

This current societal ‘conditioning’ has undesirable consequences. When we get jaded with our jobs, our body subconsciously knows that we want a rest, and it also knows that the only way to get one is to…..*drum roll*…..fall ill. True?

Applying this same logic to health insurance, the better class ward you are entitled to (just like a hotel), the more you are inclined to want to ‘experience it’. And your illness will also be subconsciously prolonged, yes? The rationale is, if you have the opportunity to try a ‘good class ward’, shouldn’t you try it? Isn’t that your purpose when you bought a health insurance plan that entitled you for a higher class ward? For most people, this is subconscious behaviour, meaning that you are not aware of this. In fact, if we take this same logic a step further, you should not even buy health insurance! Because your’re signalling to your body, “it is OK to fall ill, I am covered by health insurance, I can even stay in a luxurious hospital ward!”

On the other hand, if you are only covered to lowest class ward, it will be a undesirable experience to stay in the hospital because of the poor comfort AND your body subconsciously knows it should not fall ill. Even if you fall ill, your body will recover quickly because it knows the ward is so uncomfortable that you need to get out ASAP!

I hope this article has encouraged you to re-think and question such unquestioned assumptions and rules in society. A large number of readers may disagree, but hey, I don’t take it personally 🙂 We can agree to disagree. If everyone in society thinks the same way, how will we innovate and have new creations and progress?

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