Axitrader execution speed test

By | August 7, 2014

Last updated on February 15th, 2023 at 10:22 pm

Axitrader Execution Speed Test

A client of mine a requested an Axitrader execution speed test between US02 and US09 servers (both ECN PRO severs, but US09 is newer).

Here are the results:

Findings – US09 about 50 to 60ms, US02 250 to 300ms.

Why? – I believe US09 server has upgraded to MT4 build 670 (latest server build), which has improved execution speed, while the older server US02 has not upgraded.

Quote from Metaquotes: (link here)

“Terminal: Changed the algorithm of placing trade requests. In previous builds, an additional network connection has been created when placing trade requests. This connection has remained active for some time after a last trade request was sent in order to provide fast sending of a large number of trade requests.

Now, when placing trade requests, all of them are passed via the main connection with the trade server. Thus, the time of processing the trade requests (especially the first one) has been considerably reduced as there is no need to wait for connection to the trade server being established any more. In order for the new request sending algorithm to be operable, the trade server should also be updated – requests are still set in a separate connection on older trade servers.

Due to transition to the new model of requests processing, the ability to cancel the trade requests not yet accepted by the server (Cancel button in the trade request status dialog) has been disabled.”

Or it also could be that the old US02 server is overloaded, but this is unlikely to be the case as an overloaded server should give about 100 to 150ms execution times, rather than 250 to 300ms. (250 to 300ms, was the normal execution speed on older MT4 build 600 or less).


Here are screenshots of the execution speed tests:

New Axitrader US09 server



Old Axitrader US02 server
axitrader-execution-speed-testI also did an Axitrader execution speed test to test the quality of execution during high impact news announcements. This one was 10mins after ECB interest rate announcement.

Axitrader US09 (new server) 10mins after ECB announcement


Axitrader US02 (older server) 10mins after ECB announcement


As you can see, the findings are that:

  • US09 is faster than US02
    • This could be due to US02 server not upgraded to the new MT4 server build for MT4 terminals build 600 and above. Hence it cannot take advantage of the new improved order execution algorithm available for build 600 and above
    • Or it could just be that US02 servers are overloaded, which I believe is unlikely, because an overloaded server will add just 50 to 100ms to latency, not 200ms.
  • During news announcements, the execution speed is relatively constant.

If you are concerned about the higher execution speeds of US02, you can drop Axitrader an email: [email protected] and they can move your account from US02 to US09.

Finally, if you enjoyed our test, do check out our $1.50 Axitrader direct commission discounts. Click here, or drop us an email at [email protected] to find out how you can participate.



Conduct your own execution speed tests! – Download the EA I used here

I conducted the speed test using my Commercial Network Services(CNS) VPS based in New York. Latency to Axitrader’s servers is 1ms or less based on this CNS latency chart. My VPS specifications is CNS NY, Trader’s VPS Standard Edition, 4 cores 2GB ram, Win server 2012.

I wish you all many pip-filled days ahead!


Update: 13 April 2015

I just performed another speed test on Axitrader US02 server (based in New York) using my CNS NY VPS and it looks like Axitrader has updated the US02 server’s software too. The execution speed is now a lightning fast 40ms.





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