How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

By | February 11, 2014

Last updated on December 3rd, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Metatrader 4 build 600 changes

As most of you know, metaquotes has update Metarader 4 to build 600. Build 600 brings about massive changes from the previous stable version of build 509. For example, trade execution time has been reduced because MT4 terminal does not have to establish a second connection with the broker’s MT4 server in order to send trade orders.

Read about all the changes and new features of build 600 here.

  • With such improvements there has to be changes within the internal directories of MT4.
  • Your indicators will no longer install the way you used to
  • This guide will show you exactly how to install them in the new build 600++

3 steps to install your custom indicators into MT4 build 600

Step 1 – Go to file –> Open Data Folder (note you must follow this step, this is not the same as going to C:\program files\MT4 terminal. You will see in step 2 that the directory is stored in C:\users\your name\appdata\roaming\Metaquotes\Terminal…)

How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

Step 2 – Double click on MQL4 –> double click on Indicators

How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

Step 3 – Paste the .ex4 file into the indicators folder 

How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

 That’s it! Restart your MT4 terminal and you will see your custom indicator appear!


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27 thoughts on “How to install custom indicators in MT4 build 600

  1. Lily

    Hi, I tried on my Metatrader 4 to build 625 but it doesn’t work. It must be build 600?

    1. Linton Post author

      Hi Lily,

      It works on build 625 as well.

      Did you paste the mq4 or the ex4 file?

      Which folder did you paste it into? Can you give me the folder address? (i.e C:\MetaTrader – AxiTrader\MQL4\Indicators)

  2. Lily

    Hi Linton,

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I paste ex4 file into C:\Users\wendy\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\EB9CBFA9F9A90BD12EBC6952F63BBE4C\MQL4\Indicators

  3. Linton Post author


    That is perfect. And you don’t see the custom indicator folder in the MT4 terminal when you launch it?

    You try this:

    1. Press ctrl-N
    2. Open the custom indicators section in the navigator by clicking on the + button
    3. Search for your custom indicator and drag it on to the screen.

    Did you do that? Or…are you using portable mode? (if you don’t know what this is means you are not)

  4. Lily

    Yes I have been trying to click (using the indicator icon)/drag IA_2014 under the custom indicators list to my chart but nothing appears

    1. Linton Post author

      Can you check after you drag the custom indicator to your chart, in the experts or journal tab (at the bottom centre of your screen), whether you receive any errors?

      If you do, can you copy and paste the errors here and we can troubleshoot it together.

      1. Lily

        Under Expert tab, messages were:
        Customer indicator loaded successfully
        Customer indicator loaded removed

        Fyi all custom indicators were in yellow icon. But for this new one, it was in grey colour. Probably that’s the reason for it not appearing?

        1. Linton Post author

          They grey icon just means that the indicator source code (.mq4 file) is not available. However, the indicator can run perfectly with just the .ex4 file (grey icon).

          Could you add me on skype at iwillsurvive100 and we will troubleshoot this together?

          It seems that the indicator removes itself.

          1. Michael

            Hi, did you manage to sort out Lily’s problem because I have the exact same problem?

            Linton: Hi mike, unfortunately not. Could you check if you have metaeditor.exe in your mt4 folder?

            You can drop me an email at [email protected] too

  5. Norman Eckley

    Trying to install FXSmooth Platinum indicator onto GKFX MT4. All is well until requested to paste .exe file into “indicators”. Nothing happens, but I’m not clear that I have the .exe files copied. Can you please advise which files (names) they should be.

    Many thanks

    1. Linton Post author

      Hi Norman,

      If it is an .exe file, you are supposed to double click it and run it as a normal installation file.

      The files that I am referring to in my website are .ex4 files


  6. okeke

    I’m having the same problem as Lily. I opened my MT4 platform and couldn’t find my indicator on my chart. I can still see it under my navigator. I’ve tried dragging it to the chart, attaching it to chart, but nothing happens.

    1. Linton Post author

      Hey okeke,

      Are there any errors in the experts or journals tab (bottom of screen) when you drag and drop your indicator?

      For example, you may receive this error “using of decompiled source code is prohibited”

  7. okeke

    No. Nothing of that sort. The indicator is a .ex4 file. It was working fine until almost two days ago. When I tried re- installing the indicator, I noticed my laptop didn’t ask for permission like it used to, before the file could be pasted into the indicator folder. The indicator is in the ‘indicator’ folders and ‘navigator’ but just won’t load on the chart.

    1. Linton Post author

      Hmm…could you tell me what errors do you receive in the journal or experts tab?

  8. okeke

    You mean the experts folder? I can find the experts folder but not the experts tab or journals tab. And I receive no errors when I try loading the indicator on the charts. I don’t get any response at all. My MT4 version is 4.00 Build 625.

  9. livsy

    I find indicator but cant use autotrading at mt4 using this indicator.

  10. khurram

    In MT4 Journal Tab, I am getting this message about my custom indicator (2014.07.19 14:31:12.006 Custom indicator PalladaMainSignalAllAverages GOLD,H1: loaded successfully)

    but in MT4 Expert Tab, I am getting this message
    (Cannot open file ‘C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\BA04E64CA8085541F0FB3EE25CDA575C\MQL4\indicators\#Pallada_AllAveragesBands.ex4’ [2]. Please guide me that what should I do to resolve this issue. Thanks

    1. Linton Post author

      Hi Khurram,

      I think there might be a problem with the indicator. Could you try other custom indicators and let me know whether they load on the chart?

  11. Erick

    Good afternoon, continued without seeing my MT4 indicators, and install the program, and copy the .ex4 dll files and their corresponding folders, I am sending back the image but I need help and resolve as you can use the indicators please

  12. Ryan

    thanks, this article is very helpful, i thought the path is just in C:\ProgramFiles\XmMt4. but it’s not, thanks again

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  14. Hlalanathi

    Hi Linton

    I have ex4 and mq4 EA, do I choose EX4 to install under Experts Advisory folder or both? so that i don’t get the frowning face but a smiley face…

    Please assist.

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  16. simon

    i tried to download this fx turbo marksman it does not work and i bought it.what must i do?

  17. MT4 Trend

    This is a good guide. Custom indicators will help you trade and extend your MT4 trading platform allowing you to trade with professional tools.


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